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Yes Thanks

Yes Thanks

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The Yes Thanks is a wider, fuller performance shortboard designed for knee-high to solid-overhead surf. The Yes Thanks comes from Bender lineage, which is our popular performance board for good, hollow waves. The bottom features plus overall rocker and a fairly deep single concave splitting into a double through the fins and off the tail. We've had good feedback on the rocker and bottom, but many requests for a wider outline overall and fuller rails, and this helped to make the Yes Thanks more versatile and forgiving. Other key features are the added bump in the outline at mid fins, which acts as a fulcrum or pivot point to enhance turning, and the slightly wider tail block. All added up, this devliers a versatile and forgiving performance shortboard.

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*prices are subject to change without notice

5'6" 18.25" 2.25" 23.8L
5'8" 18.50" 2.35" 25.8L
5'9" 18.62" 2.35" 26.4L
5'10" 18.75" 2.40" 27.5L
5'11" 18.75" 2.40" 28.0L
6'0" 19.00" 2.43" 29.0L
6'1" 19.12" 2.43" 29.8L
6'2' 19.25" 2.47" 30.7L
6'3" 19.43" 2.50" 31.6L
6'4" 19.50" 2.53" 32.6L

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