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The new "SD" or, San Diego shortboard, is designed to be the ideal go-to shortboard for Southern California. The "SD" performs well in everything from the softer beach breaks of Del Mar and Leucadia to the hollow reef breaks of La Jolla and Sunset Cliffs. Because of the versatility of the SD design, it is the ideal one board quiver for a trip to anywhere along the coast.

We took the predictable performance of the Yes, Thanks and dialed it in for smaller, softer surf by adding volume, a little width, and an increase in thickness. The rails of the SD are foiled with a low apex. A crowned deck helps maximize the volume in this fun shortboard. The bottom of the SD has a deep single concave that allows the board to generate speed through the flats. Ride the SD 2 - 4 inches shorter than your traditional shortboard due to the additional volume, and enjoy the results of this looser, faster precision shortboard!


Do you have a question? Start a WhatsApp chat now or shoot us a message below and be connected directly with the Rusty SA Team, made up of Ex Pro's, test pilots and shapers.


*prices are subject to change without notice

5'6" 18.85" 2.29" 25.8L
5'7" 19.05" 2.34" 27L
5'8" 19.17" 2.37" 28L
5'9" 19.25" 2.42" 29.1L
5'10" 19.3" 2.51" 30.4L
5'11" 19.43" 2.59" 31.5L
6'0" 19.52" 2.63" 32.8L
6'1" 19.65" 2.69" 34L
6'2" 19.73" 2.71" 35.15L
6'3" 19.88" 2.73" 36.15L
6'4" 20.00" 2.75" 37.3L
6'5" 20.15" 2.77" 38.5L
6'6" 20.4" 2.81" 40.8L
6'8" 20.6" 2.83" 42L
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