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Underdog Description

The Underdog is a collaboration between Caio Ibelli and Rusty Surfboards shaper, Pedro Battaglin. The Underdog is Caio's favorite high-performance board for competition on the World Surf League tour, designed for versatile conditions and powerful waves. Underdog excels at quick tight turns and power moves. The Underdog has a deep single concave with aggressive nose and tail rocker. Underdog's high-performance rails are low, medium apex and sharp for maximum attack. The aggressive outline features a narrow nose and round tail to keep you connected in hollow sections and in the pocket. Foil (spread of volume) is especially pronounced with a thinner nose than tail, to free the nose and allow quicker pivot. Underdog features a thruster fin setup for reliable drive, stability and control. This board is designed for intermediate to advanced surfers in 2 ft. to 8 ft. surf. Everyone loves an Underdog! #GoCaio 

Caio rides the stock 5'9" (18.38" x 2.30" x 25.5L). Dims available in Standard and XTRA sizes for added volume.


FCS || or Futures thruster set up
Bump Squash
Intermediate - pro
Ankle to overhead

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Below your guide to the best size option for you:


5'6 x 17.99 x 2.15 , 22.51
5'8 x 18.25 x 2.24 , 24.5
5'10 x 18.51 x 2.35 , 26.5
6'0 x 18.77 x 2.42 , 28.5
6'2 x 19.03 x 2.48 , 30.5
6'4 x 19.29 x 2.55 , 32.5
6'6 x 19.55 x 2.6 , 34.5


5'6 x 18.98 x 2.43 , 26.5
5'8 x 19.24 x 2.5 , 28.5
5'10 x 19.5 x 2.57 , 30.5
6'0 x 19.76 x 2.63 , 32.5
6'2 x 20.02 x 2.68 , 34.5
6'4 x 20.28 x 2.72 , 36.5
6'6 x 20.54 x 2.76 , 38.5

Design Notes

It's All In The Details

The Underdog was created for surfer Caio Ibelli to surf the most varied wave conditions on the planet.

It is a high performance shortboard, it has a round tail, a pronounced dome deck, low and smooth edges for easy transitions and a narrower nose area.

The bottom has a very accentuated and very deep concave and a more pronounced rocker common on professional boards. It has a very short turning arc and little nose area that works in waves of 0.5 to 2.0 meters.

Recommended for surfers with intermediate and advanced levels.

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