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Rusty Surfboards



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What is a Grom? Shortened from grommet. Used mainly in surf and skate culture. A grom is young kid, usually under the age of 14. Stoking the NEXT GENERATION. 

The origins of The SD are well documented. "In June 2016, we delivered a board to for Stab in the Dark. I wasn’t sure who the Pro was. 6’0 190lbs. I built a modified Yes Thanks. One of Josh Kerr’s models. Puffed up the Yes Thanks, a little. Moved the thickness flow, balance point, a little forward. Fairly deep single that zeroed out under the rear fin and finished with a slight vee in the tail. Smooth curve that accelerated towards the tail. 6’0   19.25    2.5   31.4 Liters. The mystery surfer turned out to be Dane Reynolds." - Rusty

“I was surprised. It had a lot of speed and drive. It felt like a good board. I got a couple of barrels on it...” - Dane

"Suffice to say the board could move through a tunnel – just watch that first ride.” If you watch the video, in my humble opinion, Dane surfed the board with solid authority…ripped. A few months later, my son, Clint, named it the SD. Tweaked it a little. Added a bit of rocker. For the last 5 years it has been one of our most popular designs." - Rusty

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