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Rusty Surfboards South Africa

The Deuce

The Deuce

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If you are a Thruster guy and new to the Twin Fin game, then you will freak on the speed, drive, hold, and pivot The Deuce offers." - Noel Salas

The Deuce is a collaboration between Rusty and Noel Salas of Surf n’ Show. The Deuce is a user-friendly, high-performance Twin Fin that engages the rail easily. Designed and tested to suit back-foot, neutral, and front-footed surfers. The Deuce features Rapid Entry single concave for increased speed with a wide point 1” back from the center of the board to promote pivot. The single concave transitions to a hooked vee between the fins for increased rail engagement. Vee and exit rocker increases behind the fins for tight turns and maneuverability. The single winged swallow tail offers additional pivot and bite through sharp turns. The ideal wave range is waist to overhead surf. It could easily be your Small Wave Performance Board, Daily Driver and, for most surfers, your High Performance Shortboard replacement in overhead surf. Recommended for low-level intermediate to pro-level surfers. Available in PU (stock), Epoly, EPS Epoxy and Dark Arts carbon constructions. 



It's All In The Details

The Deuce collaboration between Rusty and Noel Salas was inspired by a conversation shortly after Noel reviewed the Rusty “Twin Fin” model. Noel said, “I remember calling Rusty on the phone and asking him if he had any desire to do a Twin Fin 2.0”?  Rusty replied with “What are you thinking” … and the collaboration began.

Rusty and Noel designed the Deuce with features that offer more down-the-line speed, quicker pivot to surf the pocket vertically, tighter arcing turns in the hook, and excellent drive on rail. 

"A little history about my experiences with Twin Fins:

My first custom board was a Surfboards La Jolla 8’10 Twin Pin
shaped by Bear Mirandon, and glassed by Nick Mirandon.

56 years ago.

Got a second one, 7’10, in the summer of 1968.

The first board I shaped was a joint effort with Dan Evans
A Twin Fin
Fall of 1969

Built Shaun Tomson Models at Canyon starting in 1979.
Shaun was one of the last pros to ride Twins in competition.
A lot of what I learned from Shaun still applies.

I rode some of Shaun’s designs in the early 80’s.

I shaped Asym Twins for Henry Hester in the mid 80’s

If a Twin Fin is designed properly and has the right size fins positioned correctly there is absolutely no need for a trailer.

Don't think of the Twin Fin as just a small wave board. I’ve had quite a few team riders over the years ride them in sizeable surf. 

Thrusters, three fin boards, are fast. Quads are faster. Twins are the fastest." - Rusty Preisendorfer





The Deuce is your new favorite high performance twin. This board will perform best in waves that are waist to overhead in size. Ideal for low level, intermediate through pro surfers looking for high performance twin fun.




A subtle single concave from the tip of the nose, starts to shallow out through the center of the board. It feeds water back through the midsection and into “the zone” between the feet, generating a great deal of speed and drive.

The Deuce Rapid Entry Nose 
The Deuce Twin Fin Hooked Vee


Bottom contour turns into a hooked vee as it approaches the rear foot, coming into the fins. The deepest part of this double con is at the fins. The deep concave in the front creates lift. A double concave creates a lateral break and helps to initiate turns. It helps to focus the water through the fins. By deepening the concave and focusing it close to the rail, deepest under the fins, it gives extra hold and provides additional thrust and drive.


The bottom finishes with a slight vee off the last few inches of the board. That helps to finish turns, smooth and connected.

The Deuce Twin Fin Tail Vee





4'10" 17.75" 2.05" 19.6 L
4'11" 18.00" 2.11" 20.8 L
5'0" 18.25" 2.13"  21.9 L
5'1" 18.50" 2.14" 22.6 L
5'2"  18.63"  2.16" 23.3 L
 5'3"  18.75" 2.18" 24.1 L
5'4" 18.87" 2.21" 24.9 L
5'5" 19.00" 2.24" 25.8 L
5'6" 19.13" 2.27" 26.8 L
5'7" 19.25" 2.30"  27.8 L 
5'8" 19.37" 2.33" 28.8 L
5'9"  19.50" 2.36" 29.8 L
5'10" 19.63" 2.39" 30.8 L
5'11" 19.75" 2.42" 31.8 L
6'0" 19.87" 2.45" 32.9 L
6'1" 20.00" 2.48" 34.0 L
6'2" 20.13" 2.51" 35.2 L
6'3" 20.25" 2.55" 36.5 L
6'4" 20.37" 2.60" 37.9 L
6'5" 20.56" 2.65" 39.5 L
6'6" 20.75" 2.70" 41.2 L

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