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Rusty Surfboards



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The Barb is a user-friendly wakesurf designed specifically for the average surfer.

The nose is a moderate width, and the tail is wide. While the foil is even, the tail itself is quite thick and the nose is average to thin. The entry rocker is low, and the exit rocker is very flat. The bottom has a very light single concave the whole way with a slight lift off the rear corners.

The key to the Barb is in the rail foil. It starts off up front with a crown and as it travels to the rear, the deck becomes flatter and flatter. This carries the volume out to the rail. As a result, the barb naturally favors a little larger rider. It is very user friendly - forgiving, fast, stable, yet still loose. The ideal board for your average wakesurfer.

Offered as a 5 fin with Futures finbox construction. Fins included. Don't see your size? View made to order dimensions. 

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