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Rusty Surfboards



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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Watercraft Testing Federation? Winged Tail Fish? What The F*#%? Who thinks of this freakin stuff? Who knows, but this board is designed from a little bit of everything over the years. We mixed a late 70's twin fin outline with a hull from the late 80's (light concave in the midsection going into a light vee through the fins and off the corners).

Thinning out the nose gave it a 90's foil with a relaxed rocker on both ends. Also put a touch of today's modern rail on there, which is moderately full with a firm tucked edge in the last third of the board. The winged swallow out the back provides good drive off the bottom with a quick release off the top. Built with a 5 fin option for maximum versatility, the WTF excels in knee high average surf, up to quality overhead.


Do you have a questionStart a WhatsApp chat now or shoot us a message below and be connected directly with the Rusty SA Team, made up of Ex Pro's, test pilots and shapers.

*prices are subject to change without notice

5'6" 19.00" 2.30" 25.1L
5'8" 19.25" 2.37" 27.0L
5'10" 19.50" 2.43" 28.8L
5'11" 19.62" 2.43" 29.4L
6'0" 19.57" 2.50" 30.8L
6'2" 20.00" 2.50" 32.8L
6'4" 20.25" 2.62" 34.9L

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