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Rusty Surfboards

The Grim Ripper

The Grim Ripper

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The Grim Ripper concept was to develop a user-friendly, performance groveler that literally tears apart waves. Rusty collaborated with team rider Jake Halstead on the design, and feedback has been stellar.

The board features a double bump squash tail, allowing a wider template overall but reduced tail area behind the back foot, producing exceptional release and tighter radius turns. Relaxed rocker, combined with full performance rails and a light single to double concave bottom, keeps the board on top of the water and skating through sections effortlessly.

Jakes direct feedback: "High performance meets user friendly! During a south swell I grabbed a set wave, went straight vertical & blew the tail out, then went wide out on the shoulder into a 3 second, full buried rail arc."


Do you have a questionStart a WhatsApp chat now or shoot us a message below and be connected directly with the Rusty SA Team, made up of Ex Pro's, test pilots and shapers.


*prices are subject to change without notice

5'4" 18.62" 2.05" 23.3L
5'5" 18.75" 2.08" 24.1L
5'6" 18.88" 2.11" 24.8L
5'7" 19.00" 2.14" 25.6L
5'8" 19.13" 2.17" 26.5L
5'9" 19.25" 2.20" 27.4L
5'10" 19.37" 2.23" 28.3L
5'11" 19.50" 2.26" 29.6L
6'0" 19.62" 2.29" 30.1L
6'1" 19.75" 2.32" 31.1L
6'2" 19.87" 2.35" 32.1L
6'3" 20.00" 2.38" 33.4L
6'4" 20.13" 2.41" 34.1L
6'5" 20.25" 2.44" 35.2L
6'6" 20.37" 2.47" 36.2L

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