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The Shiv is our popular SD model but retooled just a bit. Following the flat deck category of board models, the Shiv has angular rails and the most rocker of any of the flat deck designs. The flat deck increases the flex of the board significantly with better sprint out of turns and snaps.

The flat deck boards are all roughly .2 inches thinner. This keeps the volume similar to boards with a crown that are the same length and width. The angular rails, along with a fairly deep concave, provides great “bite” on the turns, allowing for good acceleration and speed. The Shiv is a great all around board, high performance with a groveler feeling. It likes beach and point breaks, chest high to well overhead.

Looking for more surfboards in this style? Take a look at the Hatchet or the 419fish – both extremely cool alternatives. You can also see the full range of our boards from the Rusty Surfboards South Africa collection here. We ship to all major cities across South Africa, whether you are in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg or further afield we ship surfboards to your door. We also cover shipping to Mauritius and Reunion island.  

Do you have a question? Start a WhatsApp chat now or shoot us a message below and be connected directly with the Rusty SA Team, made up of Ex Pro's, test pilots and shapers

*prices are subject to change without notice

5'2" 18" 1.93" 21L
5'3" 18.13" 1.98" 22.1L
5'4" 18.25" 2.02" 23L
5'5" 18.38" 2.06" 24L
5'6" 18.5" 2.09" 24.9L
5'7" 18.62" 2.12" 25.8L
5'8" 18.75" 2.15" 26.9L
5'9" 18.87" 2.18" 27.8L
5'10" 19" 2.2" 28.6L
5'11" 19.13" 2.23" 29.6L
6'0" 19.25" 2.25" 30.5L
6'1" 19.38" 2.27" 31.5L
6'2" 19.5" 2.29" 32.4L
6'3" 19.63" 2.31" 33.3L
6'4" 19.75" 2.33" 34.3L
6'5" 19.88" 2.35" 35.3L
6'6" 20" 2.37" 36.2L
6'7" 20.13" 2.4" 37.4L

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