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Rusty Surfboards



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What is a Grom? Shortened from grommet. Used mainly in surf and skate culture. A grom is young kid, usually under the age of 14. Stoking the NEXT GENERATION. 

Meet the SD RT RE, which stands for SD Round Tail Rapid Entry, our team's most popular high performance shortboard for everyday to great surf conditions. Rapid Entry is Rusty's latest innovation to improve speed, lift and drive by moving up the entry of the deepest part of the concave further towards the nose. 

"By having the deepest part of the concave in the entry, it feeds and keeps the water under the board early on and generates more lift and speed and drive. I believe this is a big breakthrough and it’s going to be a game changer." - Rusty Preisendorfer

Originally designed from a modified Yes Thanks for "STAB in the Dark" in 2016. Rusty puffed up the Yes Thanks a little and moved the center point slightly forward. The SD has a deep single concave that zeroes out under the rear fin and finishes with a slight vee in the tail, one smooth curve that accelerates towards the tail. Months after SITD, Rusty's son, Clint, named it the SD. Tweaked it a little a bit with more rocker.

"For the last 5 years, SD has been one of our most popular designs." - Rusty

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Length Width Thickness Volume Type
4'6" 16.75" 1.84" 15.4 L Grom
4'7" 16.87" 1.87" 16.0 L Grom
4'8" 17.00" 1.90" 16.6 L  Grom
4'9" 17.13" 1.93" 17.3 L Grom
4'10" 17.25" 1.97" 18.0 L Grom
4'11" 17.37" 2.01" 18.8 L Grom
5'0" 17.50" 2.04" 19.6 L Grom
5'1" 17.63" 2.07" 20.4 L Grom
5'2" 17.75" 2.10" 21.2 L Grom
5'3" 17.87" 2.13" 22.1 L Grom
5'4" 18.00" 2.16" 23.0 L Grom

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