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Rusty Surfboards South Africa



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Traction and fins not included with sale boards.

The Barb  is a user-friendly wakesurf designed specifically for the average surfer. The nose is a moderate width, and the tail is wide. While the foil is even, the tail itself is quite thick and the nose is average to thin. The entry rocker is low, and the exit rocker is very flat. The bottom has a very light single concave the whole way with a slight lift off the rear corners.

The Mug is a surf-style wakesurf board prototype developed with Austin Keen featuring thruster fin setup and squash tail.

The Wen is a prototype developed by Clint Preisendorfer featuring blunt nose, twin fin setup and a fish tail.

The Wakesurf Skim prototypes were developed with Austin Keen and are made from EPS foam and glassed.

The Too Coo has a double wing Diamond tail, wide point approximately an inch behind center, and very flat rocker. A subtle single concave in the entry carries through the midsection and splits into a shallow double concave as it goes past the fins. This helps make the transition from rail-to-rail smoother while linking together turns. The rails are fairly steep and boxy / rounder in the nose, and very firm in the back half, with the tail block a little thicker than usual. This added volume helps the board stay on top of the water.

The Skunk Monkey features a wide outline and flat rocker making this board very fast. The concave deck packs more volume in the board while keeping your center of gravity low. The rails are closely related to a small-wave ocean surfboard with a sharp, low apex towards the edge, quickly becoming thick towards the center. The shape of the rail helps the rider recover speed through big maneuvers. Designed by Clint Preisendorfer.



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