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Rusty Surfboards

Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond

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This stout performance shortboard is designed for those average days of surf from knee high to head high. It has a moderately full template with a wider nose and added volume for the ease of paddling. The Neil's bottom contour has a deep single concave with a subtle vee of the tail that generates drive and speed quickly.

The shallow angular Diamond tail gives the Neil its distinct look. The Diamond tail shortens the rail length which makes your board feel a little smaller, easier to turn and a whole lot more alive in sloppy average conditions.


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5'6" 19.00" 2.31" 26.0L
5'7" 19.13" 2.35" 27.5L
5'8" 19.25" 2.40" 28.0L
5'9" 19.37" 2.45" 29.5L
5'10' 19.50" 2.45" 30.0L
5'11" 19.62" 2.50" 31.2L
6'0" 19.75" 2.50" 32.5L
6'1" 20.00" 2.55" 33.8L
6'2" 20.25" 2.55" 35.2L
6'4" 20.75" 2.65" 38.3L
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