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Rusty Surfboards

Happy Shovel

Happy Shovel

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Introducing the newest edition to the Rusty quiver, this small wave board is ideal for that knee to shoulder high day. Its limits are yet to be determined. Think low volume but high surface area. This board paddles and planes with ease. Combine the double-barrel concave and shortboard rails and it allows you to whip it around on a dime. We designed it with the five fin setup for even more versatility. Our team riders across the globe have been giving the Happy Shovel two thumbs up"a fun board to surf.


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*prices are subject to change without notice

5'0" 19.00" 2.12" 22.1L
5'2" 19.25" 2.20" 23.9L
5'4" 19.50" 2.31" 26.1L
5'5" 19.62" 2.37" 27.3L
5'6" 19.75" 2.40" 28.3L
5'7" 19.87" 2.50" 29.9L
5'8" 20.00" 2.56" 31.2L
5'10" 20.25" 2.69" 34.3L
6'0" 20.50" 2.75" 36.5L

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