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Rusty Surfboards

Enough Said

Enough Said

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The Enough Said has a moderate tail rocker with a generous nose rocker designed to work from small to medium good quality waves. It features a straight plan shape for increased acceleration and drive. The bottom has a medium single concave throughout the board. This board is fast and loose and a good performer in everyday conditions. 


Do you have a question? Start a WhatsApp chat now or shoot us a message below and be connected directly with the Rusty SA Team, made up of Ex Pro's, test pilots and shapers. 


*prices are subject to change without notice

5'6" 18.20" 2.25" 23.4L
5'7" 18.32" 2.28" 24.2L
5'8" 18.45" 2.31" 25.1L
5'9" 18.57" 2.34" 26.0L
5'10" 18.70" 2.37" 26.9L
5'11" 18.82" 2.40" 27.9L
6'0" 18.96" 2.43" 28.7L
6'1" 19.07" 2.46" 29.7L
6'2" 19.20" 2.50" 30.8L

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