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 The Chupacabra is a high volume groveler with a pure Venturi channel with no spine (the stringer stays up high at the center) to create speed. The board has very low rocker with a very light concave running through the center to flat in between the fins ending onto a very light vee at the end of the tail. It has a very high and pronounced wing that breaks the outline flow creating a quick turning point. The tail is a generous round with planning surface, and yet tight turning arcs in the pocket. Thickness is concentrated on the chest area and it paddles very well and catches waves with ease. The Venturi and foam through the tail make this board extremely capable of connecting the flat spots, keeping the board always loaded with energy. The nose is not as wide as other grovelers, and the wide point considered “narrow”, the Chubacabra performs as a performance shortboard. It should be ridden at least 3” smaller than your short board. This model excels in small surf but is has been put to test in some decent surf with surprisingly good performance. 

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