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Rusty Surfboards

Big Cat

Big Cat

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The Big Cat has a commanding presence in the lineup. A board that is ready to pounce with agility and power for its size. This board is built with one of our fullest and widest outlines and a semi-flat deck that carries a little extra volume out to the rail making it easy to paddle and catch waves.

It has a firm, semi-full rail and a single-to-double-concave bottom with a touch of vee in the tail that lends to quick responsive control. The distinct double-wing swallow and slightly relaxed rocker makes this design versatile for a good range of waves.


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*prices are subject to change without notice

6'8" 20.75" 2.68" 41.4L
7'0" 21.00" 2.75" 43.7L
7'2" 21.25" 2.75" 46.1L
7'4" 21.93" 2.93" 51.5L
7'6" 22.00" 3.00" 54.8L
7'8" 22.25" 3.00" 57.0L
7'10" 22.50" 3.00" 58.6L
8'0' 22.75" 3.13" 62.7L
8'6" 23.25" 3.27" 70.7L

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