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Bali Single

Bali Single

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We would like to present you the Future , and it comes from the Past! Yeah the Single fin is back , but not THAT old single fin but a board that has a high performance level of surfing with sharp ,radical turns and sky high aerials and all sort of tricks ! The Single Life presents the BS , not really but the Bali Single ; a board first tested in the warm waters and perfect waves of Bali . The design presents the classic Rdot logo with 3 shadows and fluo colors and the art work brings back the 80′s. Here is how Rusty describes his creation : It’s got a relaxed rocker a lot like the ’84 Occy type boards…not old school single fin At first I was going to give it an old school beak but thought about it and decided against that. I wanted to keep any excess swing weight out of the front of the board. Deck is semi flat and rails full but angular so they don’t feel bloated. A low tight apex and almost a light chine in the last 18″. Lots of release. The bottom has a very light single in the mid section vee through the fins and off the tail. The spine of the vee is above the rail but it has a slight concave out towards the rail creating a little hook in the wings. The spine of the vee is knocked off…very subtle but is gives a light roll to the peak of the vee and helps to give it a smoother transition panel to panel. The corners of the tail are lifted a little..the vee accelerates off the Back.

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5'2" 18.50" 2.11" 22.7L
5'4" 18.75" 2.15" 24.1L
5'6" 19.00" 2.20" 25.6L
5'8" 19.25" 2.26" 27.4L
5'10" 19.50" 2.33" 29.3L
6'0" 19.75" 2.41" 31.4L
6'2" 20.00" 2.50" 33.7L
6'4" 20.25" 2.60" 36.3L
6'6" 20.50" 2.71" 39.0L

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