Well Barreled Human Ft. Jonathan Gubbins

Well Barreled Human Ft. Jonathan Gubbins

Is Jonathan Gubbins the most barreled human alive? For years Gubbins has traveled the globe in search of the worlds best barrels. From world renowned waves like Pipe to Teahupoo, and less-hyped waves in Peru and Africa one thing's for sure: Jonathan Gubbins knows how to get it done.

Check out this clip of him getting, well, barreled.

Footage Courtesy of Kirfa Lens, Ryan Moss, Larry Haynes, Dane Staples, Chris Rogers, Huaprod, Jorge Carmona, Thierry Donard, Craig Moreland, Sebastian Gomes, Michael Veltman, Pedro Fortes, Daniel Thissen, Antoine Bouvant.

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