Marno does Indo

Marno does Indo

Rusty South Africa team caught up with Marno about his recent trip to Indo...and boy, did he have fun!!!

Where did you surf?


Amazing. Definitely one of, if not, my favorite wave to surf. Shallow reef, especially on the low tide. Barrels at the take-off all the way to the bottom of the point where you can go for a big open face turn. If the tide is full and not barreling, it is still a super fun wave for big turns and airs. 

Ujung bacor

Very long left! I have had waves that run longer than a minute. It was like surfing Jbay on my backhand, just not barreling. Not very shallow, but if it is small and low tide you are guaranteed to hit the reef at some point. 

Way Jumbo (Sumatran pipe)

This was my second favorite spot (in South Sumatra). Also along left, but very wide awesome barrels. I had my longest barrel of the trip here, as well as my biggest! I'll want to return to this wave just because I know I didn't get it at it's best.

The Peak

By far the weirdest wave I've surfed. You sit in the middle of a bay and out of nowhere an A-frame wave pitches up. You have to paddle like you are going to go left, but then backdoor the wave and go right - guaranteed that you will get super deep and come out almost every time. 

Krui left

So much fun when everything else is big and closing out. Small fun barrels that are very consistent. You do have to battle the crowds though. 

Jimmy's right

Unfortunately, I didn't score this wave in all its glory. I think on the right day this wave will be crazy. I got it at about six foot, not barreling, but so perfect to allow for proper man turns. 

What was your favorite?

Hollowtrees, but I did get amazing waves at Way Jumbo aswell.

What boards did you bring?

6.2  32L Rusty Yes Thanks pin tail.

6.1  31L Rusty Yes Thanks squash tail.

Get your Yes thanks here

When did you go?

July to August 

Trip highlight:

I was surfing big Lance's left all morning, then walked back to our camp from one side of the island to the other - got there super tired. Had a few Beng Bengs (local chocolate) and some Nabti (my new favorite cookies) saw the wind turn and it started howling offshore; we ended up scoring perfect 4ft HTs with 5 guys out. This was the best afternoon of surfing I have ever had. I could not believe what was happening. That afternoon was exactly why I went to Indo!

Any tips?

Take care of your cuts, especially on your feet.

Learn to speak a bit of the local language - it helps a lot.

Take lots of sunblock.

Be prepared to wait at the airports.

Also, you will have to pay for overweight baggage on the domestic flights. 



All the videos are from photographers in Indonesia.

@nanasurfphotography South Sumatra

@emilio_photography Mentawais 

Self-made video by the man himself @marno_lang


1st song - I'm a Man, Black Strobe

2nd song - Bees, Caribou 

3rd song -  Darkwood, Just Normal



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