Kevin Schulz Wins STAB High Freak Peak

Kevin Schulz Wins STAB High Freak Peak

The day before the world's best aerialists took to the BSR wavepool in Waco, TX for STAB Mag's second edition of STAB High, Kevin Schulz was warming up on the infamous Freak Peak and stuck an air that was over 3 years in the making. A clip of the air went viral on Instagram that same day and it was immediately being called 'the biggest air landed in Waco's history.' Unfortunately, it was the day before the event and it wouldn't count in the Freak Peak division of the event...or so we thought.

The Freak Peak is what the section is called at the Waco wave pool and its sole purpose is to launch the incoming surfer as high as possible. The section was supposed to be a part of the main event but was shut down before it could start due to a storm. But, the team at STAB held true to their word and ended up giving Kevin the thumbs up for his air the day prior – allowing him to fly away with $10k in prize money.

Congrats, Kevin!

View the full write up on STAB here.


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