Kevin Schulz - Coupla

Kevin Schulz - Coupla

Surfers on the ‘QS full time rarely have the chance or energy to consistently drops edits. This is where San Clemente local Kevin Schulz stands out from the rest. Not only is he on the ‘QS grind but he somehow finds time in-between comps to get this done. His latest edit Coupla follows him through the fall and winter swells on the east and west coast of the states, treating the world to yet another progressive surf clip. Technical, stylish, sit back. Put your feet up and dive in.
This kid is going to continue ripping well through 2019.

Filmed and edited by Mike Van Mierlo
Music by Sugar Army


A bit about Kevin...

From one of the best surf towns in the United States, San Clemente, California. Starting his surf career at the age of 15 it wasn’t long before he reached a professional level. Not long ago, Kevin nailed his biggest win to date taking first place in the 10th annual Rip Curl Pro local surf championship in Tofino, British Columbia. 

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