The Heckler is a Fish with some new ideas. We've utilized a "fishy" outline with a shallow dovetail and pronounced wing to produce a lightning fast small wave wonder. The proven Venturi bottom design that has been so well received on two of our other models, The Rooster and The Hustler, adds a new dimension for fishing and Fish lovers.

What is the Venturi effect?

It's a special channel that starts in the mid section of the board. These two channels start wide then narrow in creating the Venturi effect.

The water that moves down the Venturi (i.e. the channel), is compressed creating a high pressure area, thus creating speed at the exit of the Venturi

The theory is take the water coming through the bottom of the board and channel it to narrowest section to create a low pressure that will then create thrust as the channel begins to widen behind the fins, and through the tail. This is supposed to create speed, control, and flow from rail to rail. Salas mentioned that he felt all of these features happening while he was riding the Heckler and he could see why it was a nominee for Alternative surfboard of the year.


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