Letty Mortensen's RIDDLED part

Letty Mortensen's RIDDLED part

Our guy Letty Mortensen just dropped a disco-infused intergalactic surf part to distract you from your current Covid-filled news feed. ⁠ ⁠

Filmed over four trips; France, South Coast, West Oz and home, featuring the full repertoire of dance moves that are going to keep the mountain trolls in the comments happy.⁠

Spins, flips, hacks, turns and toobs all the bullshits in there. Just done with more style than 90% of the other peanuts out there.⁠ ⁠ 


By @danscotttt & @spencerfrostfilms ⁠

Filming by @danscotttt @fox_in_soks @julienturpaud @tylergarethegrey and REX⁠ ⁠

Graphics from @rory___ferrante⁠ ⁠ Music by Making Moments (Baltra Remix) by Ralph Tv⁠

Check out the exclusive interview with Letty on Stab.

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