4F-Surfboards-Rusty Surfboards ME
4F-Surfboards-Rusty Surfboards ME
4F-Surfboards-Rusty Surfboards ME



Regular price R 7,699.00

Performance made simple! The 4F accelerates, pumps, and responds quickly to the rider's demands whether you are attacking the lip or connecting turns into one continuous high-speed line.

With its distinct, wide roundtail and deep single concave, this boards is ready for a variety of surf conditions from knee-high to overhead.


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*prices are subject to change without notice

5'8" 18.90" 2.25" 25L
5'10" 19.12" 2.31" 26.7L
6'0" 19.25" 2.37" 28.4L
6'2" 19.50" 2.50" 30.9L
6'4" 19.75" 2.56" 32.8L
6'4" 19.75" 2.56" 32.8L
6'4" 19.75" 2.56" 32.8L
6'4" 19.75" 2.56" 32.8L
6'4" 19.75" 2.56" 32.8L

All orders will receive a confirmation to their provided email account once the goods have been dispatched. The tracking information will be provided by the courier. If you require any support please send us an email at online@rustysurfboards.co.za or use the ORANGE chat box.

Q1. How long will it take until my board is shipped?

Board manufacturing times:

  • Stock PU 3-4 weeks
  • Stock EPS 4-6 weeks
  • Stock TS 6-8 weeks
  • Custom 3-8 weeks (depends on the spec)

Local couriers generally take 1-3 business days to deliver to most areas within SA.

Q2. How can I track my order?

You will be able to track your order through the shipping notification email. If you have not received this email please get in touch and our team will be happy to support you.

Q3. How much is local delivery?

  • R750 per board in South Africa
  • R2500 per board for Mauritius and Reunion Island 
  • For multiple boards, we can provide a delivery discount

Q4. Can I collect my item from a store?

Yes, you can. We have a retail location in Durban where completed orders can be collected. You will be notified by a team member once your order is ready for collection.

Q5. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can. If you have an international shipping requirement we can help, so get in touch. Please note your local market pricing will be applied and may differ from the online Rusty Surfboards SA pricing.

Q6. Can I change my delivery address after my order is placed?

Once your order has been finalised and the order has been shipped we recommend getting in touch with the delivery courier as soon as possible to see if your shipment can be amended. You can also get in touch and we will do our best to help with the delivery. Rusty Surfboards SA will not be liable for lost shipments that result from incorrect details entered by the customer.

Q7. Will I have to sign for my delivery?

Yes all shipments require a signature on delivery. Please ensure you provide your mobile or landline (work) contact details to help the courier connect with you. 

Any costs associated with redelivery or storage fees resulting from a missed delivery are the responsibility of the receiver.

Q8. What if I am not at home when my order arrives? 

Please ensure you provide your mobile or landline (work) contact details to help the courier connect with you. Discuss delivery arrangements directly with the courier. Any costs associated with redelivery or storage fees resulting from a missed delivery are the responsibility of the receiver.



1. Online surfboard orders must have full and accurate customer delivery address details and contact mobile and landline telephone numbers. It is the customer's responsibility to provide the correct address details at checkout. 

2. Include any specific delivery instructions to help the local courier connect with you directly.

3. Please open and inspect your surfboard parcel and board in front of the delivery person to ensure any damage is witnessed.

4. Please take photos of any damage to the surfboard and the parcel.

5. Report the damage to us immediately (SEE BELOW).


In the event your surfboard is received damaged:

1. Immediately email us at online@rustysurfboards.co.za describing your damages. 

2. Please include pictures of the surfboard damage as well as the outside and inside of the packaging. 

3. Do not discard any of the shipping materials until we have resolved the claim. 

4. Do not use your surfboard if it arrives damaged.


For all questions, advice and support get in touch by using the ORANGE chat box or send us an email at online@rustysurfboards.co.za


Q1. What currency will I pay in?

South African Rand

Q2. Is your website secure?

Yes, of course. We use Shopify payments to process our credit card transactions which is PCI DSS compliant. The payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organisations that handle credit card and debit card information. This level of security is processed under the same standards as banks security.

Q3. What payment methods can I use?

We accept:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

If you are having trouble processing a single payment connect to the support team.

Q4. Can I pay using split payments?

Yes, we offer a split payments service. Once you have decided what model you would like to order please send us an email to request the split payments option at online@rustysurfboards.co.za 

We are always ready to answer any further questions regarding the split payments service. 

Q5. Can I pay a deposit to start the manufacturing of my board and then pay the remaining balance when the board is completed?

Yes, you can. The deposit is non-refundable once the manufacturing process has started. Please follow the Q4 split payments process.


For all questions, advice and support get in touch by using the ORANGE chat box or send us an email at online@rustysurfboards.co.za



Q6. Where can I buy Rusty Surfboards?

You can only purchase Rusty Surfboards ONLINE from this Official Rusty Surfboards South Africa website if you are based in SA, Mauritius and Reunion Island.

Q7. Can I buy Rusty Surfboards in-store?

You can only purchase ONLINE and pick-up in-store.

Q8. I am not sure what surfboard model will best suit my surfing needs or ability. What should I do?

We have a team of professionals who help surfers every day to find that magic sled. So where you are new to the sport or you are a seasoned pro we can help. If you don't find what you are looking for, no problem, we can build you a custom. Connect to a Rusty Professional using the ORANGE chat box.

Q9. Do you have a board volume guide, what size board should I order?

Yes, we have a volume recommendations guide on every surfboard product page. We understand this selection process can be a challenge, so speak to a professional in our team. They can help advise you on volume, dimensions, models, specifications to suit your skill level, waves you are riding and any other special requirements. 

Q10. What surfboard constructions do you offer?

  • PU
  • EPS
  • Torsion Spring

If you would like to discuss what construction will best suit your requirements reach out to one of our professionals.

Q11. Do you offer an environmentally friendly blank option?

Yes, Torsion Spring is 100% eco-board certified. So you can custom order the latest high-performance surfboards that have much less of an environmental impact.

Q12. Can I add extra fin plugs to my custom board so I can ride it as a thruster or a quad?

Yes, you can have a 5 fin setup on the majority of the surfboard models.

Q13. Do you have a custom spray examples list?

Yes, we have a catalog of sprays and patterns you can choose from. 

Q14. Can I have carbon patches or strips added to my board?

Yes, you can. Many of our board models have carbon as standard, but you can request extra carbon. 

Q15. Do you offer a polished gloss finish to my custom board?

Yes, you can request a polished gloss finish. We offer other finishes to custom boards. 

Q16. Can I have S-Cloth placed on my custom board?

Yes, S-Cloth is available and can be placed on all custom orders. 

Q17. Do you offer channels bottoms on custom boards?

Channels are available. You will need to speak to the shaper for guidance with your requirement.

Q18. I have videos of me surfing, can I upload this content to help the shaper understand my ability and the waves I am surfing?

Yes, if you follow the custom board builder form you can upload two videos and at the end. Click the CUSTOM tab at the top of the page. 

Q19. Can I view a product before purchasing?

Yes, if it is in stock at our retail store. Please send an email with your request and we will check for you online@rustysurfboards.co.za 

Q20. When do you add new products to the website?

We are constantly producing new boards and models so ensure you subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social media and constantly check our website. You can always chat with us.


For all questions, advice and support get in touch by using the ORANGE chat box or send us an email at online@rustysurfboards.co.za